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I Needed a Lift….

Back in the day, We were deciding on what we wanted to buy in Virginia. My only real requirement was a garage or the ability to build a garage that could have a lift. When we found the store it did not have a garage but there would be plenty of room for one. A shed, barn and two gardens later it was finally time for my garage. I picked out a spot not likely to flood and pretty level. Travis Morris Landscaping cleared and prepped the area. Next it was time for concrete. 


Now I am starting to get excited. I know it won’t be long and the best part it I am not building it! I chose a metal garage because I knew it would take me a long time to build it myself. With all the other  projects going on and the stuff I wanted to do it was worth the trade off. There was a delay in getting it installed but once they finally got there it only took a day to build. I had my reservations about a metal garage. Turns out I like it. I upgraded the weight and had them add extra support. This thing is solid. The final size is 24’x25′ with 9′ walls. This gives me plenty of space to work on the cars and not be cramped.

The finished product! 2 windows, 1 pedestrian door and 2 rollup garage doors.  

But wait, there’s more. Choosing a lift was harder than any other choice I had on this project. You have to decide if you want a two post or four post, portable or not. The idea of installing it was something I was not looking forward to. I finally settled on a four post lift. The amazing part is you can buy it on Amazon with free shipping. After the company verified I had a forklift to unload it with they scheduled delivery. It is great to have neighbors willing to help. Bill Richardson brought the tractor and the driver pulled into to Post Office next door. We unloaded the lift, the thing is over 17′ long and kinda heavy too at 1700lbs!

The lift would not fit between the trees so Bill dropped it off about 100′ from the garage. I broke it down and moved most of the pieces into the garage. Just to prove I could do it(and maybe to irritate Heidi a bit) I started assembling it myself. I was able to build most of it until it was time to stand up the assembled posts. I went across the street and got another neighbor to help me stand them up and then he helped me carry over the first runway. The last runway has the hydraulics built into it so there was no way even two people could move it. Bill came to the rescue again with the tractor and some chains. We were able to get it in place so I could finish everything. Overall it took about 16 hours to build it. A cool feature is that it has detachable casters so I can move it around the garage(without a car on it). Once I was done I tried it out. 

Next thing was cabinets. The bank I work for bought a new office building and they remodeled so I was able to get the cabinets they were getting rid of. I built a wall with the beadboard we got from the house in the Outer Banks. Once it was done and painted I installed the cabinets and built a 4’x8′ worktable. I will do the electrical next. I think I will run 220 or 221, whatever it takes (quote from the movie Mr Mom).        

Oh one last thing, after putting in the garage and the drive, I found the perfect new place for my hammock. 


  1. Angela says:

    IT is WONDERFUL,when your dreams & plans come together!!!! BE HAPPY!!!!!

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