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Shine On You Crazy Dad

Animals have become a large part of our household. Between the chickens, goats, alpaca, bees, and cats there’s a lot to take care of. It also means some people have had to become more accustomed to putting up with all the animal shenanigans (a word I’m rather fond of). Of course by some people I mean one people meaning Dad. Dad who didn’t want animals in the house but now deals with four cats crawling all over him and his laptop.

It took thirteen years, but Sammy finally got to sit on his lap without him shoving her away.


Dad was doomed from the moment Miss Merry took a liking to him.

Trust me, five years ago, this would’ve never happened. Ask the calico in the first picture, she’s old enough to remember.
So on top of the approval of (and occasional petting of) four cats in the house all at one time, he’s also become a professional tree branch holder. The goats being very short, and him being very tall means…well…somebody has to pull the good leaves down low enough for them to reach, right?

Just to note, the two on the left are the goats, the two on the right are alpaca.

Speaking of alpaca.

Alpaca kisses!

And all this isn’t even mentioning all the work he does with his bee hives like harvesting the honey and putting together the frames (there’s also a whole lot more than that but if you want a list that’s actually correct you need to talk to him)

Dad putting together frames for his bee hives.

Dad’s first harvest of honey from his bee hives.

And of course one of his favorite animals to deal with, is his ’66 mustang. He got it last summer which is also when we installed the new windshield. Of course he’s gotten way more work done on it since then and soon he’ll be driving it to Tappahannock and beyond!

’66 Mustang replacement windshield

The moment we were hoping we put the windshield in correctly….

’66 Mustang with it’s brand new windshield!

On top of all these responsibilities, do we even need to bring up the rest of his list?


Car repairs (usually on my car).

Building things.

By things I mean alllll the things.

Mowing some more.

Moving heavy stuff.

Building more things.

Fixing leaks when it rains.

Researching the most popular version of Blade Runner and ordering it.

Going to Lowe’s so often he gets recognized.

Mowing…again…cause we live in Virginia.


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