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Shine On You Crazy Dad

Animals have become a large part of our household. Between the chickens, goats, alpaca, bees, and cats there’s a lot to take care of. It also means some people have had to become more accustomed to putting up with all the animal shenanigans (a word I’m rather fond...
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Of House And Dad

Sometimes you have to look around this house and look back while thinking, what in the world happened? How did we end up owning all this house? How did so much of this work get done in the last twenty months, with a wedding stuck in the middle...
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Man in the Remodel Wilderness

By now, you and everyone else who’s read anything on this blog knows it’s been a lot of work to get this place together, especially with our wedding deadline coming up in July. But really, you’re seeing a fraction of what gets done every weekend, and I mean...
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