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Of House And Dad

Sometimes you have to look around this house and look back while thinking, what in the world happened? How did we end up owning all this house? How did so much of this work get done in the last twenty months, with a wedding stuck in the middle of that time to boot?

Well I mean, first of all, the house went from this…


To this masterpiece of glorious, paint covered, hundred and two year old wood!


Somehow this ginormous wall came down when there was gonna be a wedding in front of the stairs.

removing the wall separating the store from the stairs

removing the wall separating the store from the stairs

Somebody also kept bringing in wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of wood for the stove during winter so we didn’t freeze our already frozen butts off further. And it was cold outside, so cooooold, and windy, and usually dark because somebody had just come home from work. On top of that mighty feat, our trash keeps getting taken to the dump, the grass keeps getting cut (in 90 degree, 90% humidity, just plain disgusting weather) and a chicken coop/shed just started appearing in the back yard.


Now it just needs some paint!


Chicken coop/shed framing


Not to mention a different somebody still gets to drive the red mustang after….*cough* this happened…


Waiiit, there’s only one person it could be, no one else is badass enough.



Framing for the chicken coop/shed





Chicken coop walls!



Roofing for the chicken coop/shed


Are you tired yet? Try doing this stuff almost every weekend since October of 2013!


Green to match the house!



Digging holes for posts for the chicken run.

Seriously though, I could probably count on one hand the number of weekend days this guy has taken off. (Have I said that before? Probably. I think it bears repeating)



Repairing siding before painting.


Speaking of that, I have a question for you all. Pete and Repeat are in a boat. Pete fell out, who was left?

Repeat you say?

Well sure! Pete and Repeat are in a boat. Pete fell out, who was left?

Repea- Ahaa, you got it? Well then, there’s your Dad joke for the day, and it came straight from that guy down there hanging off a ladder.


Painting prep!

Good God man! Go take a nap or something and enjoy your father’s day!



Happy Father’s Day!


  1. janelle castro says:

    Happy fathers day Bobby!! Take a rest man you deserve it!

  2. Angela says:


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