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Man in the Remodel Wilderness

By now, you and everyone else who’s read anything on this blog knows it’s been a lot of work to get this place together, especially with our wedding deadline coming up in July. But really, you’re seeing a fraction of what gets done every weekend, and I mean every weekend. Even on a rare, coveted day off, something still gets accomplished towards the house. So let’s remember just how few weekends this guy gets without thinking about the stuff he has to get done with the house.

Look! Indoor plumbing.

Look! Indoor plumbing.

That number would be a solid zero. It’s a wonder he hasn’t gone completely postal. He’s generally close to it when he buys a pint of ice cream and eats it in one sitting so we know to pull the straight jacket out.

2013-11-30 15.39.11

The man risked life, limb, and lung going into the attic to lay insulation so Mom and I didn’t turn into icicles last winter…okay we still turned into icicles but we were way warmer than we would’ve been without it.

2013-10-26 12.20.47

He used his Krav skills to kick a wall down until it wouldn’t get back up again. Those walls are nasty when they get mad, can’t be too careful.

2013-11-17 09.14.58He pulled out an entire water heater. And we should mention his emergency hot water heater buying trip when the one downstairs broke mid winter and Mom and I were washing our hair in the kitchen sink with water heated on the stove. I’m pretty sure the two of us would’ve gone on like that for weeks without him.

2013-11-30 10.15.06

You see these sheets of drywall? He carted every single one of them upstairs. By. Himself.

Now it gets serious

Now it gets serious

He’s had to become a plumber, electrician, carpenter, drywaller, insulator extraordinaire, and professional at winging it.

2014-03-30 14.29.24IMG_0891

Not to mention mopping a mean floor.

2014-03-02 14.34.38

He’s replaced window panes, built raised beds and Mom’s compost pile. He’s been to Lowes so many times and on such a regular basis coming home from work, I’m pretty sure he could pretend to work there and no one would notice. He mows the lawn regularly so the forest doesn’t eat us, hangs doors, turns my shower into an actual shower, installs lights, re-screens windows and doors, and hangs shades.

2013-11-30 15.04.44

You’ve also gotta give him credit for finding a way to keep my cats from falling down the elevator shaft even though he really doesn’t like my cats.

Some people seem to think the cats might fall down the shaft. This is only temporary.  Until I can have an "Elevator Raising Party" to get the elevator up to the top floor and secured.

Some people seem to think the cats might fall down the shaft. This is only temporary. Until I can have an “Elevator Raising Party” to get the elevator up to the top floor and secured.

That down there? The bathroom? He made that. Installed the shower, hung the mirrors and hooks, cut the holes in the vanity for the sinks and installed them, ran all the plumbing, installed the toilet, hung the door, oh and you know, built the room to begin with.

2014-05-31 09.16.32

Within a few days he turned this,

Wall and bathroom that will be removed

Wall and bathroom that will be removed

Into this.

Floor in the store before finishing

Floor in the store before finishing

The guy never stops moving. On days he’s off I’m used to waking up to hammering, sawing, sanding, banging, and occasionally (often) swearing as he goes around working on his never ending to-do list. He’ll work all week long at his job, then come home and work on the house all weekend. There are some weekdays when he comes home and goes straight to work on a project here.

He’s our knight in shining armor…or at least next to shining armor.


Without him around, this house wouldn’t look as amazing as it does now and we wouldn’t be living anywhere near as comfortably.

So as I most likely wake up to the usual sounds of construction this Father’s Day, I will hereby declare mine to be the most badass of them all…And if you just have to fight me on this, you’ll find me outside refreshing on my Krav Maga training, which he also helped give me.



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    love it and Happy Fathers Day Bobby

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