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Have Yourself A Merry Little Frostbite

So as of 11/30, we still have no heat in the house due to the chimney needing to be cleaned. So mom’s been freezing to death every weekend while Dad…well I’d imagine it’s just a minor inconvenience to the man who’s history includes wearing shorts during a snowstorm....
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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, A Tearing Out We Go.

No, don’t freak out, we’re not touching the downstairs or the landing right now, and down there it’ll only be the second kitchen and newer additions that’ll be going. Onwards to our progress! There is, to a degree, difficulty in describing events that took place when one wasn’t...
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List Making and Trim Measuring

Well, it’s been two and a half weeks since we signed the papers on the house. Store, I suppose is a better term to use. Most of the time we’ve spent there has been involved in planning what actually needs to be done and there’s definitely a lot....
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