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Best Laid Plans

We have drawn the plans of what we are doing to the upstairs. After we were done with the demo we had 3 eight foot wall left. Now we get to start building. Rachel’s bedroom has been framed out. Not all is going according to plan. We found a water leak in the roof and it was running onto a beam. Looks like it has been leaking for years. We knew we had to open the original wall. We found water damage and now have to deal with that before we can build any more walls. When it is dried out we can start the repairs. I can continue with some walls but one of the major ones has to go up against where the damage is.


Diagram that is closer to scale


Rachel's room

Rachel’s room


  1. Mike B. says:

    I’m enjoying watching the house develop. Well, it has mostly been being destroyed so far, but you know what I mean. Knowing Robert, I expect there is a good reason, but why didn’t you incorporate the 90-degree extension of the hallway into the third bedroom?

    Happy Holidays!

    1. admin says:

      There is a window there(not shown in the plans)that we wanted to light the hallway. The scale is a bit off but the main hallway is over 8′ wide and the plans don’t show but there are posts every 9′ running down both sides of the room. We think this is the least awkward configuration.

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