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The “Pane” of Re-glazing Windows

The current project here at Dragon Run is prepping the building for painting.  Not particularly exciting stuff but definitely important.  This consists of power washing, sealing the storm windows, fixing any loose siding, scraping…lots of scraping, and re-glazing the transom windows and the panes on either side of the front doors.  Robert has been spending a lot of quality time on the ladder sealing the storm windows, repairing loose siding, and scraping the window frames while he’s up there.  I try not to watch since he’s at the top of a 24 foot ladder.  IMG_0704


Alina and Rachel have concentrated their scraping efforts on the front of the house where the detail is.


The re-glazing is my project and yeah, there are 80 of those little window panes.The total number of panes in the house is 184 but some of those windows I will be able to remove and re-glaze one at a time at a later date (future me).  My first 4 took me about 30 minutes each which meant 44 hours to finish the 88 panes, not encouraging but by the time I got to the 20th pane I was finishing 4 an hour.  Glazing takes lots of practice which is a good thing since I’ve only done 39.  That’s approximately another 12 hours for those of you who don’t want to do the math.



Spending time working on the front of the house attracts a lot of attention.  Honks and waves from numerous people, words of encouragement from Marni, Bill, Linda, Susan from the post office who always yells “lookin’ good” as she’s taking down the flag each afternoon, someone called Hollywood whose grandfather used to buy his tobacco at the store, a photographer who wanted to take some pictures of the building, a couple of people asking if we were open, and some 4 legged friends from the farm down the road.  It’s kinda nice to live in a place where people take the time to stop and chat .IMG_0764 IMG_0768


  1. Linda Doran says:

    What color will you paint?

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