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Crying In The Rain (Of Paint Chips)

While there are many differences between California and Virginia in many different ways, the one that has most recently been causing us grief is the humidity. Not because it makes the world muggy and uncomfortable, not because it curls the pages of our books. No, because you will never be finished scraping paint. Ever.

What we were used to, was scraping over areas once and then we were done. Let’s paint. However here, in lovely green muggy Virginia (As many of you probably know and are laughing maniacally about as we discover this as well) you can’t just scrape once and paint unless you’re very fast. Why, those of you in dry climates ask? Because scrape your house, give it a day or two, then go back out. Those nice stuck on edges are now separating from the wood and you have to scrape again. It’s kind of redonculous  how much time we’ve spent scraping the paint off the front of this house. Honestly. Hours upon hours.

Dragon Run-4

We’ve done even more scraping since this picture was taken.


Alina scraping paint.


Rachel scraping more paint weeks later.

So on top of the prep work of scraping Mom has been spending hours of her own just reglazing the front windows (as she mentioned in her last post). All eighty of them. Of course this all had to be done before we painted because you have to paint in between the panes too.

Dad has spent every weekend for ages now working on the siding, sealing up the storm windows, and scraping the higher up areas of the store. (As opposed to every weekend he’s spend doing everything else on the place since we bought it)


Dad working on the siding so we can paint.





One of the many piles of old glaze Mom chipped from the front windows.

Sometimes we wonder if the stress is getting to Dad…


No, no, sticking things to his forehead is completely normal. Never mind.

So things keep rolling and work keeps getting done even when we’re faced with giant ant creatures from the depths of darkness!


Okay so it’s apparently some species of wasp or something, but when it’s crawling past you on the front porch all you can think of it “GIANT RED HELLSPAWN ANT! FLEE! FLEE!”

We just have to remember time is short, because as a wise man with a sword and fur cloak once said…Winter is coming.


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