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The Wedding

We realized we never followed up on the wedding. You saw the buildup and then…nothing.
James + Heather-0090 Well, here it is. Our first wedding at the Dragon Run Store. Our daughter, Heather Wilbanks married James Renfroe on July 12th 2014. Everyone pitched in to help get ready and it came out great.James + Heather-0020 Special thanks to Jeri and Alina for help with food, music, and flowers!  Heidi and Rachel have an eye for that sort of thing. James + Heather-0024Many hours were spent drawing weird diagrams on paper and standing in the middle of the store just staring at it trying to figure out how things were going to work.  It was our first wedding to host so we were trying to think of any problems that might come up along the way.  My job was installing hooks, moving furniture and staying out of the way. The weather was great, which we were thankful for as we had to bring in portable air conditioners. It was a clear day and not too hot.. We were blessed to have relatives from all over the country make it and we enjoyed showing off our new place.  James + Heather-0153We hosted the reception as well. This meant everyone needed to go outside while we set up the tables and put out the food.  Fifteen minutes from wedding to reception, all those years in the restaurant business paid off.James + Heather-0187  The photographer got some great shots both at the store and next door at the beautiful home that was built just before the store was built.James + Heather-0118James + Heather-0114Thanks to Sue Hertzler for allowing us to use her home. James + Heather-0170We have created a separate page for more of the wedding pictures if you would like to see them. We had a great time, both with the wedding, and spending time with relatives.

Just a few weeks ago there was a wedding across the street and the Hermitage Baptist Church. The wedding party came over to the store for pictures. Apparently,the staircase makes a great spot.

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