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We’ll Be At Dragon Run For Christmas

So with the coming of December came the task that I had been dreaming of since October of 2013. Decorating the store for Christmas!


Joy that was momentary squashed by the task of stringing the glass garland on tree #1, the store window.


Mom and I putting the decorations on the first tree.


In comparison to our new tree, our tree from last year looks tiny in the window.


Then in the other window, my pride and joy! The Christmas town has always been one of my favorite parts of decorating and this year I finally had enough space to do it properly


Finally! I can have a proper village square!



And there’s my park right below the farm!



I’ve never had so much space for my town before.

Then of course, tree #2, at the top of the staircase!


We had to get so many ornaments this year so we could fill the tree properly.


Santa might be a bit tall…



There’s something about a big old tree sitting up there. How many years has a tree been up there for Christmas?

That’s a nine foot tree, Santa at the top was so tall we had to take the ceiling fan down. We were all terrified we’d accidentally flip the switch for the fan and he’d be knocked off! As you can see from the pictures, he’s a thrill seeker.


And to think, we want to do even more lights next year!



If you pass by the house just right you can see all the trees from one spot.


Then tree #3, made of lights on the side of the house and colored lights inside the windows.

And last, but not least, real pine brought in from our personal mini forest out back. Since I wasn’t able to get the garland this year (and trust me, decorations the year that I do will be epic) we were at least able to bring some greenery in. Mom soaked the branches in the downstairs bathtub then we dipped the cut portions in wax to seal them and decorated along the posts on the stairs, added it to the front window in front of the tree, and put it in the living room.


It was messy and our hands were covered in sap but it was well worth it.



Now it really looks like Christmas in the house.



Next year, even more? Maybe? Yes, that would be awesome.

And of course, one of my favorite spots, under the lights in the hallway. I’m in love with the antique look of it.


Antique styled lights with pine hanging from it, right next to the re-stained antique door.

Happy Holidays!








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