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(Thought It Would Be) The Day That Never Comes

DUN! DUN DUN! dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…dun…Okay that doesn’t come across like it sounds, just imagine that was the 20th Century Fox fanfare and then you’ll get what I mean.

You’ve seen us scraping, you’ve heard our woes. We have toiled long and hard to accomplish a goal which we thought would take half the time it eventually did. It’s been about six months now it seems since we began scraping.

But that is old news now, scraping and picking and scraping some more at the old paint. But now, now we are…Wait for it…waaaaait for it.



The finished product, about six months after starting the painting and prep process.










Nothing like a fresh coat of yellow paint to brighten a building up!








Going all the way back to September, when we rented the lift to reach the top of the store, it was a race against time…

011 - Copy

Heidi and Robert on the lift, taken standing on the side deck. Look how high up they are!










We had to scrape and paint the top portion of the house before time ran out and the lift had to be returned.


By the side deck stairs Dad had to trim the old apple tree to make the lift basket fit.










There was tree trimming and delicate maneuvering and mud that once again held our great truck Smaug in it’s squelching grip!

There was scraping, scraping and more scraping! So many tiny little pieces of dental work on the top to paint by hand!


The final bit of trim to be painted at the top of the house.










Back of the house, top part partially done.









2015-01-02 13.38.40

Mom still scraping paint off the boxes, near the end of our venture.









You don’t quite realize how big the house is until you try to paint it by hand.












This may be why it took so long…












Getting closer! This was the day we finally got to put some paint on the front of the house.












Well, and an entire house to paint by hand. Seriously though this has gone on forever and ever and ever and ever and ev- A long time. Not only was there a whole heck of a lot of house to scrape and paint, but by November the weather was conspiring against us all. It’s hard to paint in thirty degree weather and just as hard to paint in eighty percent humidity on your one warm day out of three weeks.

Dragon Run-7







Dragon Run-4








Beautiful and freshly painted.








Seems like it might’ve been worth it though, even if it did monopolize most of the time (and money) that could’ve been spent on other projects.

By far though, the best part was the detail work on the front. We’d picked out the colors way before we even started scraping. We used a yellow slightly paler than the colonial yellow on the siding, for the center squares, then a green for the border square. Last but not least, a dark green for the thin trim around the whole box. We based it a lot off of the colors you see in the Dragon Run Country Store sign out front, and eventually we’ll repaint that to take care of it’s peeling paint as well.


Two colors on, one to go!












One box complete!












One out of eighteen done!









The one question we had until the end though was what color to do the skinny top boxes. Originally they were just white but we wanted to get some color on those as well to help tie it all together. But those boxes only had one box and the trim so we could only choose two colors from our three. At first we went with the dark green trim and yellow boxes, but then we were like mehhhhh.


Finally starting to look put together.












Then came the question, yellow top boxes, or green?












So now they’re green!


Green for the top box colors won out.









Mom going at the edges with a tiny paintbrush.












There’s still tiny touch up work here and there but maybe we’ll wait to do that until there’s not six inches of snow on the ground…

So what do you guys think? We do alright?


  1. carolyn draper says:

    it is so beautiful. guess that answers my question of how much snsow 6 ” wow. SO PROUD OF YOU ALL AND I LOVE YOUALLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  2. Linda Doran says:

    WOW!!! What else could anyone say about the way the old store looks like now! After all of your long hard work….just WOW!i We knew you’d get it finished, and I knew it would look beautiful…. But it’s really lookin’ so beautiful!! Did you send photos of it now, to the previous owners yet? You guys have done miracles with your home! We are so very proud, of litterally everything you have done there so far. And people who will see this now, have no idea of how much its changed inside also!! We are so proud of all of you! Had no idea you would ever take on such a huge project!! Maybe you didn’t expect you’d ever do such a hard, long project either. Can’t wait to see it sometime this summer to! Very exciting!!
    Love, hugs and congratulations are in order! Mom, Aunt Judy, Abby, Katie and Macho!

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