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It’s Raining Men…No Wait, It’s Just Raining. Inside. From A Pipe.

So we had a little fun today, you might say. Perhaps. You see, we were all at the house doing our things like we do you know. Mom and Dad were upstairs building things and cleaning and my project for the day was to clean the landing.


I have never seen so much dust in my life. between a vacuum, brush, and damp rag, those shelves still aren’t clean enough. But I digress from the more interesting portion of our day.

I was working, sweeping up the floor as I was almost done when I heard something. It was strange, like someone had the water running but neither Mom or Dad was near the faucet. So I paused and listened harder. No, it sounded like more than that. Kind of like rain, did it start raining? I looked outside. No, no rain. Waaaait. I walked halfway down the stairs, turned to my left, and had to take a second to realize what was going on. It was raining, yes. From an exposed pipe at the ceiling of the laundry room. As you might expect, this was a bad thing. I promptly ran back upstairs and started babbling about lots of water and we all ran down to find water spilling out of the laundry room by that point. Luckily we caught it early enough that it had barely reached past the laundry room and I got the water pump turned off. From there we got to try and clean it up.

2014-01-25 12.28.57

The water is out past where Mom is standing.

It was exciting. In a horrible oh my god that’s a lot of water coming from the ceiling way. You know when people are talking about something and they say at first they couldn’t believe what they were seeing? It was kind of like that. All of the sudden we had a huge walk in shower.

2014-01-25 12.33.282014-01-25 12.33.342014-01-25 12.43.00 2014-01-25 12.47.56It was drying out well when I left for work and with the water shut off there was no danger of it happening before Dad could fix it. We were lucky the pipe was exposed and it happened while we were there though. It would’ve gone on for who knows how long before someone noticed. Dad says easy fix though so hurrah! Let’s never do that again.



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