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A Wedding In Middlesex County

So, now that we’ve finally started to get settled in (yes, it has taken over three weeks) we’ve started planning something else. No, not a future antique business, not a thriving restaurant (which I can promise you is not happening. Been there done that got that t-shirt). No, we’re planning a wedding. Dun dun dun duuuuun!!!

Okay, we’ve known this was coming for awhile, my sister getting married. We also knew she was gonna want to have it here for quite some time. But now, comes the planning. After all, the store is the perfect place for a reception right? Oh, and did I mention this is happening the beginning of July? Yeah, we’re totally gonna be ready. Oh, also, new plan!

Okay, so you see this white wall? That one right there?

Wall and bathroom that will be removed

Wall and bathroom that will be removed

Back side of wall to be removed

Back side of wall to be removed

Gone. It’s going away from post to post as soon as Dad finishes the master bathroom. Fourteen and a half feet by twelve feet high. Gone. This was Dad’s idea after we had a “What if we won the lottery” conversation at dinner a few nights before. Our favorite scenario was huge glass or wood pocket doors that could separate the store from the stairs. Obviously twelve foot pocket doors preferably carved out of solid wood would be too expensive. Tearing down a wall however, not so much. So he brought up the idea, what if we took down that wall and they got married in front of the stairs. It’s kind of what we’d always wanted since we realized she was getting married here. That means the wall is going to be gone along with the bathroom. The only thing we’ll keep will be the spindles above the bathroom which were salvaged from another general store in the area.

So, we’ve got food on one side, gifts and dessert on the other. Around eight tables, planning for fifty people. We also are in need of tulle. A lot of tulle. More tulle than most people will probably ever need in the history of ever. The current count is about 93 yards of blue and cream tulle that is 108 inches in width. That’s just tulle, we also need muslin, seventeen Edison lightbulbs, twelve silver tassels, a runner at least 44ft long for the floor, two 41ft runners for counters, another 14 yards of blue and cream tulle for the stairs, and some ungodly amount of fresh flowers that we don’t have a count for yet. Don’t even ask me what we’re gonna do with all the tulle when the wedding is over. Make fifty tulle and muslin dresses to sell on etsy? On the bright side, tulle is cheap.

We’re also having the ceremony and the reception in the main part of the store and as of right now, have no place to have the tables already set up. So as soon as the ceremony is over we have to shove all the guests out of the way and throw together eight tables and settings and get the food out while they’re doing pictures. I think we should have the Benny Hill music set to play on the sound system while we do this, it would make things a little more comical at least?

So, we’ve gotta get the wall down, the bathroom out, the printing table with it’s monstrously heavy top away, and clean it all up.

2014-04-08 19.27.14

Old printing table. The top is heavy. Like it’s probably a solid block of marble heavy.

Display cases have to be stowed, scrap wood has to be out. We want to replace the two broken panes of glass in the front window, old english the fronts of the counters, switch out all the hanging lights with Edison bulbs, and hang our psychotically large amounts of tulle down the posts. But in the end, our vision will be awesome…hopefully.

Okay, so imagine most of the wall gone, open to the staircase. Between each set of posts there’ll be cream tulle draping down from the center of the ceiling and down the posts, cinched mid way down with silver tassels.

2014-01-14 12.42.01

A blue runner along the isle with about fifty chairs, three on each side facing the stairs. Runners along the counters, off white muslin on the old post office cage with cards, pictures, and wedding favors hanging from it.

Shelves in store

Shelves in store

In the front windows, an antique dress on a form, an old rocking chair with some pictures and books.

looking out from the inside of store

looking out from the inside of store

Then, on the stairs there’ll be cream and blue tulle wrapped around the banister and silver tassels tied at the front.

stairs 1

stairs 1

Now we just have to make sure my sister’ll go along with it all…


Wedding planning. We need more tulle!

This was how we spent a good deal of time when my sister and her fiancee were here. Technically it was to celebrate Mom’s birthday but we did a lot more wedding planning than celebrating. They also played around with speakers for the music. I have to say, I was very fond of the cantina music from Star Wars echoing through my store.

2014-04-05 18.47.35

Working on the music system to see how many speakers they’ll need for the wedding.

Three months. Three. Months. Well, at least she has her wedding dress already, right?

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