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Welcome To The Jungle…er…Forest

Good morning everyone! Today’s the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean- Wait no, that’s Finding Nemo. And I just dropped my allergy pill on the floor and it rolled into a spiderweb. Joy.

It’s supposed to be seventy-seven degrees today. You know what that means? That means the store isn’t frigid and I can get some work done so it’s easier for Dad to work on our gigantic wall. Well, after coffee. Coffee is important. Mostly the work is going to involve putting everything in places where it won’t get covered in plaster dust. Well gosh, I just don’t know where we can put anything. I mean there’s no storage. None at all. Is that storage?

2014-01-14 12.39.26

Nope, definitely not.

The nice part about this is it gives me an opportunity to use a skill I’ve been honing since I was little. Shoving things under other things and in drawers to make it go away until Mom gets annoyed because there’s a giant pile of toys under a blanket in the middle of my bedroom floor. Okay that might’ve been a flashback but the principle still stands.

I can also get all the shades off the pendant lights so they’re ready to be switched to Edison bulbs for the wedding. Who knows, maybe I’ll get adventurous and get some of the drawers cleaned and vacuumed so I can put away some of my sewing fabric and get a few boxes unpacked.

And here I come to the idea that I shouldn’t write half a post then do things then come back to write the rest of it. Because now the shades are off the lights. Looky


No Edison bulbs yet but we’ll get those put in closer to the wedding.

I haven’t put much away yet, but I did get most of the hooks and things down from the posts and killed two wasps of evil that found their way inside. God, I’m looking outside at the many wasps that enjoy our house. I’m gonna be the queen of wasp killing by next winter.

One of the best parts of my day so far though was a quick trip into our mini forest. I’d been back there once but it’d been in winter when we first bought the house so there wasn’t really much of anything…well green in it at the time. I’d been meaning to go back there and explore a bit more, scout out a good reading spot, measure for a future Hobbit hole. You know, important things that everyone would do when presented with their own mini forest. So today I grabbed my shoes and headed back there.

photo 2photo 3

Needless to say, it’s amazing. Granted you’ve gotta go through some thorns to get in from the backyard right now but it’s worth it. Also, I know where the Hobbit hole is going. It shall be glorious. Still needs a name though…the Binbole Wood? That’s Hobbity. Err…The Old Forest? Still can’t decide.

But back to the house. Last weekend Dad took down the spindles from above the bathroom and started prepping to take the wall down.


I cannot express how excited I am for the wall to be gone. To be able to walk down the stairs and see my store will be awesome, and it’ll be even more amazing to walk through the front doors and see those stairs. Granted we’ll have to go through a dark time of plaster dust infestation to get there but after what we did to the upstairs, I think we’ll live. Maybe.

It was a normal day in the Dragon Run Country Store. The sun was shining the birds were singing. That day was an important day, they would take down the wall between the stairs at the store. The three were prepped with their hammers and their masks. The first swing was promising, dust billowed out as the hole grew in size. But then, something changed! They’d stopped hitting the wall but the dust kept billowing out, filling the store! Unbeknownst to them they had awakened the great Plaster Dragon who’s reign of terror had destroyed half the population of Church View before a brave man by the name of Dan Welsing trapped the Dragon’s spirit in the wall. But by now, the great Dan Welsing had passed on. There was no one to help them. The three fell to the Dragon’s power and he went forth, successfully taking over the world and forcing everyone to listen to Justin Bieber. No one passed through that age unchanged.

What do you mean I’m being over dramatic?

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